Business Announcement

These are difficult times and everyone is being called upon to protect and care for their families, friends and neighbours.

At the same time, it’s essential we protect as much as possible the businesses and jobs that feed and house those same families, friends and neighbours.

NNSL Media, the digital division of Northern News Services Ltd., understands the threat to the Northern economy. As a communications company, our role is to act as a voice for business, telling people your businesses are all still open, letting all your customers know how they can best access your goods and services safely.

Starting immediately, we will be contacting you for your business details – hours of operation, location, logo and special message you may want. These will be posted on our Buy North Page at no cost.

Room will be made in the publication of your choice: News/North, Hay River Hub, Inuvik Drum, Yellowknifer to get those messages out, as space allows (Again at no cost) and we will be launching an advertising campaign across Google, Facebook and Instagram, as well as our own websites promoting Northern business and reminding people to BUY NORTH.

Tech savvy managers and businesses owners can send us an email at, use the form below or give us a call at 867-873-4031. In the meantime, NNSL Media staff will be hitting the phones to contact Northern businesses.


Bruce Valpy

Publisher / CEO
Northern News Services Ltd.

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